Landscape Lighting

During the day, your house looks beautiful! The paint job is fantastic, your gardens are breathtaking, your pool is perfect, and the walkway is inviting. That’s just the exteriors! You made sure that your house would be something that you’d be proud of. But don’t let all of your hard work disappear when the sun goes down! With strategically placed landscape lighting, you can emphasize the architectural features of your home even at night. Wait until you see the results! There are so many landscape lighting design ideas that you could choose from, and we have managed hundreds of outdoor home lighting installations. Each of the lighting design ideas can emphasize the features of your home and gardens. In this article, we’ll share with you some landscape lighting tips so that you can start imagining and planning what the exteriors of your home would look like when it is illuminated.

Before Buying Outdoor Home Lighting

Understand that outdoor lighting requires *design*. Throwing up a light at a tree is fine, but if you want to make sure your property leaves you excited to come home, and a listing impression on your guests, you’ll want some help. Below are some tips and tricks we use to make sure home uplighting is perfect for our clients. (If you have any questions about outdoor home lighting, feel free to contact us directly for more instruction.)

Tree Uplighting

Florida’s signature tree, the Palm Tree, is truly beautiful with uplighting. You can use a downlight, floodlight, bullet light, or well light in illuminating all trees. If you aim to place ground lights that will provide light to the foliage, make sure that you also illuminate the trunk. This shows the whole feature of the tree, not just the crown. The minor details make a big difference, which is why we recommend using a professional for your Residential and Commercial Tree Lighting.

Plant and Garden Lighting

See an entirely different side to your beautiful landscaping by lighting up your garden at night. Put the lighting fixtures about 20 feet apart, not any closer. The pools of light will create an effect that would guide your eyes from plant to plant, so it won’t be a continuous illumination. You already designed a beautiful landscape, why not enjoy it both during the day and night?

Style of Outdoor Lighting

To illuminate the facade of your home, use bullet or wash lights. Match the bullet lights with bulbs that can provide 12-degree beam spreads. Aim the lights at the corners of your home or the parts with architectural detail. You can fill the space between them with softer wash lights. We are experts at making your home light up at night, and can work with any home type to bring out it’s beauty with outdoor lighting.

Home Exterior Uplighting

For garden walls, you can use flood, well, or bullet lights. Place the lighting fixtures closer to the base. This allows the beams to bring in some texture into sharp relief.


Landscape lighting is fast becoming a trend, especially in Southwest Florida. You can see a lot of homes with landscape lighting all over Bradenton, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples Should you do the installation yourself or should you hire a pro? If you have the time and you are equipped with the skills, you can do the job on a weekend. But to get amazing results, you can easily call a landscape lighting specialist. They are knowledgeable on the different fixtures, where to place the landscape lighting, and how to arrange them.

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