Commercial Landscaping

It is true that first impressions last, and while for others it may be in the form of eye contact or a handshake, for your business establishment, it’s the entrance. A neatly trimmed and stunning landscape that radiates welcome, creativity and sophistication will  elevate your business's appeal, demonstrate quality, and invite your clientele in with aesthetic beauty.

Here at AGM, we take care of your landscaping while you take care of your business. Our licensed and highly-skilled line of landscape artists are well-versed in making sure that your lawn gets the best treatment, with utmost professional care, all the time! Continually honing our craft, we have worked with businesses in Fort Myers and surrounding cities to bring our clients’ visions to a perfect landscape.

Landscape Maintenance

We ensure that every inch of your property is kept beautifully flourishing with  a weekly landscape check-up. We constantly educate ourselves with the latest in landscape artistry to make sure your landscape gets top-of-the-line care with the latest technology the industry has to offer.

AGM specializes in taking care of your property by continued inspection, ridding it of pests, applying the correct fertilizer, trimming the hedges and palms and much more! All in the effort to keep your property manicured down to the last leaf!


To ensure that your property looks fresh 365 days of the year, you’ll need an appropriate and highly functioning irrigation system that we can easily tweak to suit changes in weather.

You can count on our team to regularly check your system to make sure it is still working to the best of its capabilities all throughout the year. We encourage regular check-ups on your irrigation and repair any problems before damage is done to your beautiful landscape.


While your business establishment may exude sophistication and beauty during the day, wouldn’t that be put to waste if your landscape isn’t as grand (or even grander) at night? Here at AGM, we value your property and we’re eager to show off its sprawling beauty 24 hours a day!

With our expertise covering licensed lighting installation and diverse understanding of the perfect lighting temperatures in growing the healthiest landscape, rest assured, your commercial property is in good hands.


AGM landscape artists are very much like most artists only their canvas is nature! Through our years of keeping lawns, yards, and landscapes looking only the best, we have learned the importance of carefully choosing plants that go well together, in terms of contrast in color and/or texture.

Armed with your visions and ideas in mind, we will work hard toward drafting your company’s commercial space, tweaking it here and there until your dream becomes reality!

Connect with us!

We are comprised of individuals that are fully licensed in Lee (including Sanibel) and Collier counties. Our team of dedicated landscape artists will be more than happy to schedule a consultation with you and answer any questions you may have on the various commercial landscaping services AGM offers!

Need to get something special done? We accept customizations to suit your landscape. Let’s build on your vision with our expertise and make your dream landscape come to life!

Looking for a reliable, customer friendly landscaping company for your business?

We have you covered with all the services above as well as custom projects you may need. Contact us today for a free inspection, quote and overview of our services. We look forward to working with you!

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